Look and feel of the visual schedule

The structure of the schedule

The VAPS provides you with a visual drag & drop frontend to manage your production schedule.

Since the VAPS is a Gantt Chart, it naturally has all its characteristics and elements:

VAPS - structure

  • A time scale at the top.
  • A table at the left.
  • On the right below the time scale, a diagram displaying the schedule with a calendar in the background indicating work-free periods in grey while working times appear in white.
  • A menu ribbon  is placed above the plan, the item “NETRONIC VAPS” summarizing all menu options that we think are the most frequently used ones:

VAPS - summary of menu options

All options of the VAPS can be found under “Actions”:

VAPS - actions menu

In case the “Actions” item is not visible in the menu ribbon, click “More options". To hide it again, click “Fewer options”.

Please note, that, depending on the task you are currently working on (setting up the VAPS, working in a simulation, etc., the contents of the menu ribbon will differ. 

  • A status area can be shown below the visual schedule, providing the planners with useful information about

    • the active color mode

    • whether a view filter or the focus mode is active

    • the last time the EMAD was calculated

    • the last time the schedule was updated with shopfloor data


The status area is activated by default but can be switched off in the  "Appearance" area of the VAPS setup.