Look and feel of the visual schedule

The table part of the schedule

The table is one of the three main areas in your schedule and is positioned at the left

The table shows your resources grouped by work center groups, work centers, and machine centers.

The "Standby" resource

The standby resource does not exist in your Dynamics 365 Business Central machine centers. It is a virtual machine center that we automatically create in every work center. It contains all production order routing lines/operations that are not yet scheduled from within the VAPS, and hence are just scheduled by the Business Central scheduling run. The standby resource gets highlighted by a yellow background and an infitiy symbol next to its name:

Please note that

  • the standby resource always is treated as a resource with infinite capacity
  • all other machine centers are treated as finite capacity resources (with a capacity of 1)

Collapsing and expanding

The symbols in the table shown below allow to collapse and expand  work center groups and work centers, thus hiding details or rendering them visible.


In the picture below, the work center group "Machining" is expanded, the relating work centeres are collapsed:

Now, the work center "Cutting" is expanded, showing all its operations:

Please note, that in collapsed Work Center Groups, no operations are shown:

The VAPS automatically saves the complete collapsed/expanded state of a view so that you can start exactly with the status you saw when you left the view.

Show/hide the capacity curve

At the right hand side next to the work center's name, you see a right facing triangle:

Clicking this symbol will either show or hide the capacity curve for this work center. The picture below shows the histogram for the "Drilling" work center:

The histogram is a capacity utilization chart:

  • The outer (black) line shows you the maximum available capacity per selected aggregation (derived from the capacity of the underlying machine centers).
  • The grey filled area indicates how much of that available capacity will get utilized by the current schedule.
  • The red area shows you that based on the current schedule, you require more capacity than you have available on Friday, February 12. 

By “Actions”->”Capacity Aggregation” you can select the aggregation fitting your requirements best.