Setting up the VAPS

The "Appearance" settings in the VAPS

This area offers various setting options that affect the appearance of your plan

VAPS - appearance settings

Here you can:

  • Specify a zoom factor in percent
  • Choose a layout: In the "Compact" layout, the display is reduced as much as possible to provide a better overview, especially with large plans.
    • Standard layout, zoom factor 100 %:

Standard layout in the VAPS

    • Compact layout, zoom factor 100 %

Compact layout in the VAPS

    • Standard view, zoom factor 80 %

Change zoom factor in the VAPS

  • Specify a tooltip delay: give a time in milliseconds after which the tooltip shall appear

  • Support of visual connection between timescale and diagram/ planning area
    • Select an individual background color and transparency degree for the standby resource.  The procedure for editing the standby color is the same as for the weekend coloring (please see description there):

VAPS - edit standby color

    • Chose a date line grid mode for the vertical separation lines between individually selectable intervals

VAPS - dateline grid mode auto

The "Auto" mode causes the grids to automatically adjust to the resolution of the time scale resulting from zooming in or out.

vaps-gridline mode - auto

  • Make settings for the weekend coloring
    • Decide, whether you want to color the weekends individually:

      VAPS - colorize weekends
    • Specify weekend color and transparency by clicking to  open the "Color Picker" 

VAPS - weekend color picker


    • reset the weekend color to default comfortably and at one click:

      VAPS - reset weekend color to default

    • Bar colors: Select individual bar color schemes that ensure that the label texts are always visible.

      VAPS - bar coloring mode

      The options in detail:

      • Graded (default): nonworking times are displayed in a lighter shade of the main color; in case there are assignments during non-working periods they are drawn in the main color

        VAPS - graded bar color

      • Solid: draws a continuous block in the main color

VAPS - solid bar color

      • Only Allocated Times: nonworking times appear with a white background

VAPS - bar coloring - only allocated times

A note on transparency: weekends, standby and calendar grids may overlap and by setting the transparency the user can determine what should be hidden or what should shine through. For example, if you want to see the calendar grids or the weekends on the standby resource, you have to make the standby color translucent accordingly.