Working with the schedule in the VJS

Drag & drop tasks

Operations can easily be scheduled and rescheduled interactively by drag & drop

Move operations horizontally by drag & drop

To schedule an operation, you can move it horizontally along the time scale in the Jobs View, the Resource View, and the Posting Problems View: as a consequence, the operation will be worked off at a different time. If in the Job View (or the Posting Problems View, resp.) a job task or job planning line is moved, every subordinate operation will shift as well.


Assign an operation to another resource

In the Resource View, an operation can also be moved vertically when scheduled – to a different resource. As a consequence, the operation will be worked off by the resource it was moved to. This behavior can be configured in the “Setup” dialog so that operations can only be moved to resources in the same resource group.


Note: Only when a linked operation is moved behind its successor, the successor will be moved accordingly.

For assigning operations to a resource groups, please read the according chapter.