Basics of the VJS

The Resource View

The Resource View shows resource groups and their respective resources thus visualizing capacity bottlenecks and date conflicts


Elements and symbols in the Resource View


A calendar in the background of the Gantt chart shows weekends in grey, working times in white.

Absences of employees that are linked to resources are visualized in a light pink in the calendar and by a corresponding capacity curve.


Each job task is represented by a bar, the color of the job planning line bars depending on the job's category. The Job categories are indicated as follows:



A red frame indicates changes having not been saved yet, the orange frame highlights the currently marked task.


Sorting order

Within a resource group, resources are sorted in ascending alphabetical order.

Capacity curve

In the VJS, you can show a capacity curve in the Resource View to see free and exceeded capacities, a red box indicating an overload:


Creation mode

With the help of the creation mode, planners can interactively allocate a job task to a resource by dragging it from the list to the chart.

VJS - toggle creation mode

Find detailed information about the creation mode here.