Setting up the VAPS

How to set up EMAD calculation

A few settings are needed for doing an EMAD calculation

When you want to setup an EMAD (= Earliest Material Availability Date) calculation, you need two settings:

  1. Define the "Look ahead window" i.e. specifiy how far from now (= today) you would like to make the allocation of  component supply to component demand. This is done in the "VAPS Setup":

    VAPS-open setup

  2. Define which kind of demand type should get supplied first, second, third etc. This is done in the "EMAD Demand" dialog under "Manage -> Edit List". Here you can also change the priority order:


Consider EMAD in semi-automatic scheduling

The VAPS offers two semi-automatic scheduling tools, the functions "Add all" and "Fill idle times" either with or without taking into account the EMAD. The settings below make sure that these functions work properly. All settings can be found in the VAPS Setup: