Working with the schedule in the VJS

Calculate job planning line quantity based on resource capacity

Bypass the standard Dynamics 365 Business Central way of calculating the quantity of job planning lines independent of the resource's capacity

Have a look at the resource "David Butler" in the screenshot below, he is allocated 16 hours on a day, but has only capacity of 8 hours.


If you want to have the job planning lines visualized matching the resources' capacity you can tick the “Calculate Job Planning Line Duration” feature that, since this is a company-wide setting, was implemented in the dialog “VJS Company Setup", to be reached via the "Actions" menu.


After having reloaded the data, David Butler's task gets lenghtened accordingly:


Regard non-working periods when rescheduling job planning lines

If you have activated the “Calculate Job Planning Line Duration” option in the “VJS Company Setup”, the VJS takes into account days with no capacity when job planning lines are moved.