Working with the schedule in the VSS

Collapsing and expanding

Hide details or render them visible by collapsing and expanding

You can hide or show the details of resources, resource groups, orders, and service item lines by clicking the corresponding symbols.

Collapsing/expanding resources and resource groups

Click the according icon to expand or collapse a resource or a resource group. By expanding a resource, the response date will also become visible if not specified otherwise in the “Setup” dialog.





The Response Date

The response date is indicated by a milestone symbol taking different shapes depending on the status of the resource/resource group:

  • Expanded group: The allocation is later than the response date

  • Expanded group: The allocation is earlier than the response date

  • Collapsed group: The allocation is later than the response date

Collapsing/expanding orders in the order backlog

Collapsing and expanding in the order backlog is done by the according symbols that differ depending on the view you are working in. A collapsing level can be preset in the “Setup” dialog.

The order backlog in the "Two Gantt Charts" view


The order backlog in the "Tree & Gantt Chart" view;


In this view, you can also collapse or expand by context menu, this at the same time giving you the opportunity of collapsing all nodes of the same level at once.