Setting up the VSS (for users)

The "General" settings of the VSS

The following settings can be made in the "General" area of the "Setup" dialog:

  • Tick the according check box for histograms to be displayed. Please note that this will only take effect in the Tree & Gantt chart view!
  • Hide completely planned orders: By default, completely planned service orders are hidden in the order backlog, this behavior can be changed here.
  • Store each data modification in NAV immediately; an automatic reloading will not be invoked, however.
  • Show/hide the “Filter” dialog on the start of the VSS.
  • Show Job/Assembly allocations: In case a resource is allocated partly/completely, this will accordingly visualized.
  • Specify whether resources can be moved only within their original resource group.
  • Hide response date: If this option is not activated, the response date in expanded groups gets visualized either by a red (if the allocation bar starts after this date) or grey triangle and the triangle will be linked with the bar by a (red or black) line. While dragging an allocation, the date will be highlighted by a red deadline. When the option is activated, the highlightings described above are dropped
  • Use Service Hour Starting Time: Specifies whether the beginning of working hours will be based on the data fields Day, Starting Time and, if necessary, Starting Date (for a possible range of validity) of the table Service Hour (T5910). If this option is not activated, the working time will be centered around noon, based upon the daily capacity (e.g. 8 hours capacity will result in specifying the working time from 8:00 to 16:00).
  • Movement Grid (hours): Allows to specify how many time units are equivalent to one step when a node is modified interactively. Possible values: 0.25, 0.5 and 1 hour.
  • Initially Allocated Hours: Specifies how long a bar will get when a service operation is dragged from the workload into the planning board at the left. A drop-down list offers the values 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 24 hours.
  • Autocollapse level: Specify the level the order backlog will be collapsed to when the VSS is started. Three levels are selectable:

1 = Priority, 2 = Service Order, 3 = Service Item Line