Basics of the VSS

The structure of the VSS

Since the VSS is a Gantt chart, it naturally has all its characteristics and elements:

  • A timescale at the top.
  • A table at the left, listing resource groups and resources.
  • On the right · next to the table - a Gantt chart, the so-called "Allocation Gantt", displays the service schedule.
  • The bars of the service allocations are colored depending on their priority.
  • A calendar in the background of the Gantt chart: non-working times are highlighted in grey, working times in white.

Please note that the adjacent resource allocations of a service item line are combined in one long layer. Storing such allocations, however, will be done in a NAV compliant way, i.e. by storing morsels on a daily basis.

The order backlog

In addition to the usual Gantt elements the VSS offers two ways of showing and editing the “Order Backlog, i.e. orders and their service item lines that are not yet allocated.

Picture 1 : The order backlog as indented list (Tree & Gantt Chart view)


Picture 2: The order backlog as second Gantt chart (Two Gantt Charts view)