Working with the schedule in the VPS

Drag & drop tasks

Operations can easily be scheduled and rescheduled interactively by drag & drop

Modifying data horizontally by drag & drop

To schedule an operation, you can move it horizontally along the time scale either in the Production Order View and in the Resource View: As a consequence, the operation will be worked off at a different time.


Assigning an operation to a different work or machine center

In the Capacities View, an operation can also be moved vertically when scheduled – to a different work or machine center. As a consequence, the operation will be worked off by the work or machine center it was moved to.


Possible warnings on moving operations

When moving operations, the following warnings may pop up:

Warning on violating the operation sequence

When moving operations, a warning may occur to call attention to implausible order of operations:


Warning on forbidden or possibly incorrect movement of operations

  • If an operation has already started and gets moved, there will be a warning:

  • In case of an already finished operation you will be warned that this operation can't be moved