Getting started with the VPS (for partners)

When to install which VPS setup?

There are 2 different setups for the Visual Production Scheduler (VPS):

  • The VPS for <NAV-Version> (.NET and JS) (Client only x86) - <VPS-Version> setup includes only the client part of the VPS for x86. 
  • The VPS for <NAV-Version> (.NET and JS) - <VPS-Version> setup (the "full" setup) includes the server part and the client part of the VPS for x86 and x64.

Both setups can be downloaded from the NETRONIC Partner Community in Microsoft Teams.

Carry out the following steps for the installation:

1. Install the "full" setup on the computer on which the NAV server is run. Important: Please        regard our notes appearing at the end of the setup.

2. In addition, if the NAV RoleTailoredClient is run on another computer than the NAV server:
  • In case an x64 Windows is running: Start the “full” setup and only install the client part        (deselect the server part). 
  • In case an x86 Windows is running: Install the “Client only x86” setup. 

    After the installation(s), the following files must be present:

    On the NAV server:

    1. c:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\110\Service\Add-ins\NETRONIC\BarLabel

    • Editor: NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.BarLabel.DataBuilder.dll

    2. c:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\110\Service\Add-ins\NETRONIC\Tooltip Editor:

    •  NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.Tooltip.DataBuilder.dll

    3. c:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\110\Service\Add-ins\NETRONIC\Visual Production Scheduler

    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.BOM.DataBuilder.dll
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.VPS.DataBuilder.dll
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.VPS.JS.AddInExtensions.dll

    On the NAV RoleTailored Client:

    1. c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\110\RoleTailored        Client\Addins\NETRONIC\BarLabel Editor:

    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.BarLabel.AddIn.dll
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.BarLabel.DataBuilder.dll
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.BarLabel.EditDialog.dll

    2.  c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\110\RoleTailored Client\Addins\NETRONIC\Tooltip Editor:

    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.Tooltip.AddIn.dll
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.Tooltip.DataBuilder.dll
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.Tooltip.EditDialog.dll

    3.  c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\110\RoleTailored Client\Addins\NETRONIC\Visual Production Scheduler:

    • Diamond.png
    • Logo.png
    • NETRONIC Visual Production Scheduler 2018.fob
    • NETRONIC VPS for Dynamics NAV 2018 - Handbuch.pdf
    • NETRONIC VPS for Dynamics NAV 2018 - Installation Instructions.rtf 
    • NETRONIC VPS for Dynamics NAV 2018 - Manual.pdf
    • NETRONIC VPS JS for Dynamics NAV 2018 - Quick Guide.pdf 
    • NETRONIC VPS JS for Dynamics NAV 2018 - Release Notes.pdf 
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.BarLabel.DataBuilder.dll 
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.BOM.DataBuilder.dll
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.Tooltip.DataBuilder.dll 
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.VPS.AddIn.dll 
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.VPS.Control.dll 
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.VPS.DataBuilder.dll 
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.VPS.JS.AddIn.dll 
    • NETRONIC.DNAV.VSSuite.VPS.JS.AddInExtensions.dll
    • NETRONIC.XGantt.Extensions.dll 

    Additionally, the file NETRONIC.XGantt.dll was installed in the Global Assembly Cache. 


    • Depending on your Dynamics NAV version, the "110" in the path names may have a different value.
    • The paths above refer to a standard Dynamics NAV installation. If you have installed your Dynamics NAV in other folders, of course other path names also apply. You must take this into account by adjusting the paths accordingly during the installation of the VPS.