Getting started with the VPS (for partners)

Installation of the VPS

How to install the VPS

In order to streamline our delivery, we changed our demo version in a way that we moved our own objects into our own objects range. Simultaneously, we added all our partners as NETRONIC reseller to PartnerSource Business Center. 
There are two cases:

  1. If you want to install our add-ins in your demo environment, you just need to update your own NAV demo license. You will not see our objects in the license configurator, but they will automatically be included in the demo license.
  2. If you want to install our add-ins at your customer's, you need to update the customer's NAV license and add our objects. You can do this via the license configurator in PartnerSource Business Center.

How to proceed

  1. Download the VPS from our partner community on Microsoft Teams.
  2. Unzip the file inside a temporary directory.
  3. Re-start the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.
  4. Run the EXE.
  5. !!! Carefully follow the Dynamics NAV (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013 R2, 2013, 2009 R2) steps as described in the rtf file showing up at the end of the installation procedure.
  6. After the installation, you will find a PDF link on your desktop pointing to the VPS manual.