Getting started with the VPS (for partners)

Installation of the VPS

The VPS D365 on-prem can be installed in two different ways:

1. The NAV Server Instance is installed directly on the computer

Run the Administration Shell as administrator and enter the following commands:

  • Publish-NAVApp -ServerInstance NAV -Path “C:\Export\Visual Production” –SkipVerification
  • Sync-NAVApp -ServerInstance NAV -Name "Visual Production Scheduler"
  • Install-NAVApp -ServerInstance NAV -Name "Visual Production Scheduler"

2. The NAV Server Instance is running from a Docker environment

Please enter the following command with the help of the NAV Containter Helper

  • Publish-NavContainerApp -containerName navserver -appFile "C:\Export\Visual Production" -skipVerification -sync –install

For both installation modes

After installing the extension you have to assign the Permission set “VISUAL PRODUCTION SCHEDULE” to all users who need to be able to access the VPS