Coding tips (for partners)

Add custom fields to the VPS

In addition to the default fields available in tooltip and label, it is possible to equip five internal custom fields with data to use them in tooltip and bar label

This is how it's done

Step 1

Open the C/AL code of the XMLport 5416000 NETRONIC VPS Export and adjust the assignments for the variables as described below. The necessary code lines are already present, but have to be activated:

  • POLCustomField01            ... 05
  • PORLCustomField01         ... 05
  • WCCustomField01             ... 05
  • MCCustomField01             ... 05


Step 2

In the codeunits 5416015 NETRONIC VPS Tooltip Mgt. and 5416016 NETRONIC VPS Label Mgt. you find the procedures Add*CustomFields for the variables having been defined before. In the procedures, you’ll find some demo code you can activate and adjust to your requirements.


Step 3

Save and compile all your modifications.


The newly defined fields are now available in the “Configure tooltip and label” menu in the VPS.