Working with the schedule in the VJS

Assign operations to resource groups

You can bypass the NAV restriction and create a "dummy" group in the VJS.

In standard NAV, a Job Planning Line can only be assigned to a resource, not to a resource group. So if you want to assign a Job Planning Line to a resource (if, e.g. you don’t know for sure yet which staff member of a group will work off this special task), you can bypass this restriction in the VJS by creating a “dummy” resource. By adding the string “$VJSRG$” at the beginning of the Resource No the VJS treats this resource as the group itself:·

  • Create a dummy resource the no of which starts with “$VJSRG$”. The resource name you enter here will be shown in the table.
  • A white number on a red background tells you how many planning lines are assigned to the group.
  • The complete capacity load of the group is displayed in the histogram.


For the bar length to be calculated properly make sure to assign a capacity to the “dummy” resource that is common to this group.