Getting started with the VJS (for partners)

Modify an existing menu suite (NAV object) in the Visual Scheduling Suite

Our default menu suite can easily be modified

First, have a look at the list of the menu suites needed by our Gantt chart add-ins:


Individual customization

  1. Click the already existing menu suite usually needed for our NVSS in the object designer of the NAV development environment and export it as FOB file.

2. After having exported it successfully, the menu suite has to be deleted in the NAV development environment.

3. After this, load the menu suite (part of the FOB file) of our Gantt chart add-in and immediately export it as TXT file.

4. Open an editor and load the file, replace the ID (10xx) in the first line with a not yet used number of the existing menu suites and save the file.

5. Remove the NVSS menu suite loaded in step 3 and reload the saved files (TXT of step 4, FOB of step 1) in the NAV development environment.

6. Finally, mark and compile all menu suites.