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Handle capacities for non-project tasks

Create resource capacity loads for non-project tasks

Resource capacity loads for non-project tasks, like holidays, trainings, or doctor's appointments, can be handled by a "dummy" job containing all the “other reservations” so that they will stand out from the project-related tasks (as yellow bar) in the VJS. This requires some kind ofan according field in the job table 167 to identify the dummy job. In our example we simply created a the Boolean field “Internal Allocation”.

Moreover, an explanatory text can be entered into the field “description” of the respective job planning line and will appear in the tooltip text of this “other reservations” bar.


How to proceed

  • You have to modify three code sections that are marked by “//-- “. Two of these sections can be found in codeunit 5416100 NETRONIC VJS Management, the other one in the Page 5416102 NETRONIC VJS JPL Insert.
  • Search for these sections and uncomment them.
  • Modify the sections accordingly as shown below by entering the field name declaring that this is a non-project-related job.

Modify the sections in codeunit 5416100 NETRONIC VJS Management

Section 1


Section 2


Modify the sections in codeunit 5416100 NETRONIC VJS JPL Insert