The visualization

What does the Item View (color mode) show?

The Item View helps you to focus on production orders for certain items.

The Item View highlights production orders for items that you want to visually stand out. For that reason, you can define a default item color in the color setup and item-specific colors on the item card.

The Item View is  useful if you have certain items that require a specific attention. This could e.g. be items for production orders that are very time-sensitive. Or it could be items where the cost of material are very high.


You then can apply the Item View in two ways:

  1. On the "production simulations" page, you can choose it at "default view color type":
  2. When you are in the visual schedule, you can select Actions --> View Color Mode --> Item View:


Important to know: the item color is applied to an entire production order (line).


The below screenshot shows a production schedule with the Item View applied. The following settings are used:

  • Default item color = grey
  • Item color "frame" = blue
  • Item color "rim for mountain bike" = red