What is this simulation idea all about?

The Visual Advanced Production Scheduler does not just support one version of the schedule. You can create multiple simulations and scenarios, then compare them, and then publish the one that fulfills your purpose best.

Simulations are somewhat a cornerstone of the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler. In essence, the idea is as follows:

  1. You can create a snapshot of the current production schedule. 
  2. This snapshot is saved as a copy of the production schedule. That way, your Dynamics 365 Business Central database does not get impacted.
  3. You then can work with that snapshot (i.e. that copy) and check how certain changes to your schedule would impact your entire production schedule.
  4. You can take as many snapshots as you like. Hence, you can build as many schedule scenarios as you need.
  5. If you have a simulation/ scenario that you want to use as a new production schedule going forward, you can publish it. That way, your Dynamics 365 Business Central database gets updated.
  6. As long as you do not publish, the Business Central database does not get changed.

Some additional facts that are important to know:

  • You can view each simulation both in tabular form and as a visual planning board,
  • You can use the visual schedule to make drag & drop changes to a simulation.
  • Any change that you do to a simulation gets automatically saved in the simulation table.