Setting up the VAPS

How to define individual colors for specific machine centers

Define machine/work center colors on the machine/work center card. This helps you to make production orders visually stand out in the "Machine/Work Center View".

You can make production orders visually stand out in the Machine/ Work Center View. That means you can define specific colors for specific machine and/or work centers that you do not want to be shown in the default item color. If an operation is assigned to that machine/work center, it will be shown in the color you select for it.

You can do this from the machine/ work center card. We added a color field to the machine/work center header. 

You can either type in the color's name:

Or you can specify and color via color picker if you click the three dots at the end of the color field:

This populates the color field with the respective hex code (you also can type in the hex code directly if you know it):