Understanding the schedule and visual alerts in the VPS

Indicate violated sequence orders

Let the VPS alert you to sequence violations

The sequence of operations in BC is determined by routings (and reservations). If a production order is created or recalculated, the operations are arranged according to these specifications. In the planning board these operations can be moved in relation to each other, thus causing sequence violations.
The VPS draws attention to these "not allowed" overlaps by symbols at the concerned elements and in the table part, where the information is "passed up" to the parents in order to indicate the overlap even when collapsed or scrolled out of view.

VPS - violated sequence order

The meaning of the symbols in detail:

The element has a sequence violation. Shown at the bar or in the table. Can be displayed in the production order view at the production order routing line, in the capacity view at machine/workcenter.

A child element has a sequence violation. Shown in the table header and both in the production order view for production order lines/production orders or in the capacity view for work center groups and work centers.

Sequence violations in the element itself and in child elements. In case of the work center, there may be, for example,  a sequence violation of a production order routing line of the work center and a sequence violation of one of its machine centers.

The feature gets activated/deactivated in the "Scheduling" area of the "Setup" dialog:

VPS - activate violated sequence order check