Setting-up the VPS (for users)

Configure bar labels in the VPS

Bar labels can be customized in the "Setup" dialog

The bar lables in the VPS provide further information on the follwing items of your production schedule:

  • Operations in the Production View
  • Operations in the Capacity View

In the picture below, the bar label contains the production order number and the operation number, separated by "|":

VPS-configure bar label-edit-bar label

You can specify which information is to be shown on the bar label of the respective item in the according dialog to be reached by clicking "Configurations" in the "Actions"menu of the "Setup" dialog:

VPS configurations menu

In the "View - Select Label" dialog, select the item and/or view for which you want to customize the bar label

VPS-configure bar label-select view

The “Edit – Define Configuration” dialog pops up:

Here you can add, insert, edit, and delete fields as well as change their order. You can select the desired table name and field name from your Dynamics 365 BC data by clicking “…” 

Formatting the labels

Separate the field contents by a line break, a blank or a “|” by selecting the according separator from the  “VPS Format Strings”  table.


The separators can get enhanced by the new function “Extendible bar text separator”  that has to be implemented by the partner. Please contact us for further information.