Setting-up the VPS (for users)

The "Appearance" settings in the VPS

In the "Appearance" section you have several options for specifying the layout of your plan.

VPS-appearance settings

The options in detail:

  • Set the zoom factor in %
  • Select a layout: In the "Compact" layout, the display is reduced as much as possible to provide a better overview, especially with large plans.
    • Standard layout:

VPS-standard layout

    • Compact layout:

VPS-compact layout

  • Specify a tooltip delay: give a time in milliseconds after which the tooltip will appear

  • Show/hide vertical separation lines between individually selectable intervals and select a display mode:

VPS set dateline grid mode

The "Auto" mode causes the grids to automatically adjust to the resolution of the time scale resulting from zooming in or out.

For more information, see chapter The calendar.

  • Show/hide a status bar with real-time information about the active view filters.

  • Bar colors: Select individual bar color schemes that ensure that the label texts are always visible.
    VPS - customize status bar
For more information on the options, see the Bar colors section in chapter "The Calendar".

  • Specify the coloring mode of the weekends

VPS set weekend coloring

    • select whether you want to color the weekends individually

    • click "..." to open the Color Picker dialog where you can

      • select the desired color
      • adjust the transparency:

        VPS weekend color picker
      • reset the weekend color to default comfortably and at one click:

        VPS - set weekend color to default