Coding tips (for partners)

Add custom fields to the VPS

In addition to the default fields available in tooltip, label, and table text, it is possible to equip custom fields with data to use them in tooltip, bar label, and table text.

This is how it's done

Step 1

For transferring your custom fields from the BC table to the simulation table of the VPS for showing these fields in the configuration of tooltip, label and table text, you need two table extensions, one for your BC table and one for the simulation table of the VPS. 

  • Open Visual Studio Code and add a new project with a new al. file. 
  • Insert the following code snippet for a table extension to add a new field. Please note that both data fielda should have the same id - see below the id of the example field 60000. 

Step 2

The file app.json should contain the dependency for the VPS :

Step 3

Publish your extensions and the new added data field will be listed in the configuration for tooltip, label or table text.