Working with the schedule in the VJS

View filters

The VJS offers two kinds of filters, the difference between them lying in the time of application


View filters

View filters are applied to data already having been loaded into the VPS (whereas data filters work as Dynamics 365 BC filter on reading the data (either when the VPS ist started or on reloading)). Accordingly, only the capacity utilization by the visible activities are shown in the histograms. To work with the filters, the "Actions" menu offers three according options:

  • Choose View Filter
  • Enable View Filter
  • Disable View Filter


Create and edit filters

You can filter by job, job task, resource group, and resource. The job task filter enables users who only want to see a specific portion of big jobs to do so. Since this filter may result in a list of projects for which no project tasks were found, there will be a message for the user indicating that the specified filter conditions did not allow for any job tasks to be loaded.

The short video below shows how to proceed once you have opened the dialog.