Understanding the schedule and visual alerts

Info window shows progress when loading/reloading

When data is loaded into the VJS, multiple stages of data processing are executed until the visualization finally appears and the users can start working with it.

Especially when there are large amounts of data to be loaded/reloaded, this process may take a while, during which the users do not know what is happening and are often unsure whether the application is still working. 
To give the users more feedback as to what is happening during the loading process, we have implemented a new info window that:

  • gives feedback that something is happening at all (meaning the extension has not crashed) 

  • provides insight into the volume of data being loaded, offering an explanation for the potential delay in the process

  • gives an estimate of the duration of this process and the expected wait time for the users

  • assists our support team during customer training or when handling support cases, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of the customers' unique environment.

VJS-progress information