Understanding the schedule and visual alerts in the VPS

Show progress of an operation

Show the progress of an operation based on time or quantity

If you want to always be informed about the progress of your operations, you can do this by displaying a progress bar below the production order routing line. You can decide whether the progress is calculated based on the quantity produced or on the production time passed.


The color of the progress bar depends on the routing status and the percentage of completion. What’s more, finished operations get grayed out:

  • Status “finished”:


  • Status “none”, “planned”, “in progress”:
    • Progress by quantity / by time < 100% : grey


    • Progress by quantity / by time (i.e. you have posted more than initially planned) > 100%: red


When you have switched on "Automatic scheduling of predecessor" and/or "successor" the operation's routing status is being taken into account, so that if you want to move an operation that's in progress or whose predecessor/successor is in progress, you'll receive a warning message and can cancel or continue your action: