Setting-up the VPS (for users)

The "General" settings of the VPS

The following settings can be made in the "General" area of the "Setup" dialog:

  • Startup view: The user can select the view being shown when the VPS is started.
  • Show histogram in: This option lets the user decide whether or not the histogram will be shown in a certain view.
  • Progress calculation: Select the mode defining the way how the progress in progress bars is to be calculated. It may either be based on the quantity produced or on the production time passed.
  • Hide work-free capacities: Capacities that are completely free of workload in the period displayed, can be hidden.
  • Show links between Prod. Order Lines (for production mode “Made to order”): Specify whether dependencies are illustrated by links in Production Orders with more than one Production Order Lines.
  • Show partial Prod.Order Lines: If this option is not acitvated, the VPS only visualizes complete PO lines so that the predecessor/successor links are still shown and used for the calculation. If, by setting filters, a single operation of a PO line is filtered out, this results in hiding the complete PO line. By ticking the box, this behavior can be disabled so that also parts of a PO line are shown.
  • Show Warning Symbol on Sequence Violation: Show/hides the warning symbol that indicates a sequence violation.