Day-to-day use cases

(Basic) production line scheduling

This feature is helpful for customers with a line-type scheduling approach

We've encountered certain customers who follow a line-type scheduling approach. Through collaborative sessions with these customers and their partners and a deep understanding of their processes, we've identified specific requirements that posed challenges with our initial VAPS design. This process revealed a plethora of potential features that could enhance the VAPS for more effective production line scheduling.
Recognizing the substantial amount of work involved, we opted to begin with a minimum viable set of features that would enable these customers to benefit from the VAPS immediately. Naturally, we plan to gradually expand this functionality with future releases.
As a first step in this direction, here's what we've implemented (and what we haven't):

Business Central setup

  • Define the line as work center

  • Define each “workstation” (i.e., each process step) as a machine center

  • Flag the work center as “Production Line (VAPS)”

  • Example:

    • Work center = line 1

    • Machine centers of that work center

      • Step 1

      • Step 2

      • Step 3

      • Step 4

      • Step 5

      • ...


Scheduling: We take the “line dependency” into account 


  • 2 work centers flagged as “production line”

  • Both with 5 machine centers: step 1 … step 5

  • If the first operation of a production order is assigned to the machine center “step 1” within work center 2, all subsequent operations will also get assigned ONLY to machine centers within that same work center 2

Visualization: We also monitor the “physical dependency”

  • Once production order 1 is on a certain line, it cannot be overtaken by production order 2

  • Hence, on each machine center in that work center, the operations of production order 1 must start and end earlier than the operations of production order 2


How to cope with the limitations

  • Two new color schemes

    • Production Line Assignment -> gives a visual warning if the “line dependency” restriction is violated (e.g., multiple operations from one production order flipping between lines)
      VAPS - production line assignment mode

    • Production Line Sequence -> gives a visual warning if the “physical dependency” restriction is violated (e.g., one production order overtaking the other)
      VAPS - production line sequence mode

  • Recommendations

    • Set your default routings in a way that the line assignment is granted

    • Set alternate routing sets so that you can efficiently “fill” all your lines

    • When doing line scheduling, trust the automatic scheduling

    • Avoid drag & drop as much as you can

    • If there are issues (sequence or line assignment violation), move the production order to standby and reschedule -> all line restrictions will be taken into account again