The view color modes

What does the Production Order View (color mode) show?

The Production Order View helps you to focus on certain production orders

The Production Order View highlights production orders  that you want to visually stand out. For that reason, you can define a default production order color in the color setup and production order-specific colors on the production order card.

The Production OrderView is useful to recognize certain production orders at a glance. This could be the case, e.g., if your orders are typically both make-to-order as well as make-to-stock. Then, if things get tight because a deadline approaches and you need to shift out some order,  you might want to shift out your stock orders, because with them, there is usually more time flexibility. If you have defined a unique color for your stock orders  you can quickly and easily recognize them.

You can apply the Production Order View in two ways:

  1. On the "production simulations" page, you can choose it under "default view color type":

  2. When you are in the visual schedule, you can select Actions --> View Color Mode --> Production Order View:

Important to know: the production order color is applied to an entire production order (line).

Change default colors 

Of course, you can adjust the default colors being used for production orders when the Production Order View is applied to your individual needs.  This can be done in the "General" area in the "Color Setup" - the below picture showing the default production order color coming with the VAPS:

Change color for an individual production order

If you want to highlight one or more production orders in your plan, because, perhaps, they are urgent or belong to quite important customers, you can change the color on the Production Order Card:


The below screenshot shows a production schedule with the Production Order View applied. The following settings are used:

  • Default production order color = blue
  • Production order color for orders no. 101034 and 101036 = red