Compare simulations

With version 1.3 of the VAPS we introduced a (first) set of KPIs so that you can compare different simulations and decide which suits you best. For this, we added the new functionality "Compare Simulations" to the simulations page:


The "Simulations KPI" page shows the following KPIs per simulation:

  • Number of production orders
  • Number of operations on standby
  • Number of late production orders
  • Total delay (hours)
  • Total setup time
  • Total buffer time (time between end of production order and required due date)
  • Number of production orders without required due date

On the "Simulations KPI" page you can

  • refresh the KPIs: if you have added a new simulation, the KPIs of this simulation remain empty until you have refreshed them
  • call the "KPI Setup" dialog, where you can exclude/include outdated simulations from/in your comparison
  • call another dialog where you can administrate your KPIs (delete, hide, change order)