Look and feel of the visual schedule

Info window shows progress when loading/reloading

When a simulation gets loaded into the VAPS, multiple stages of data processing are executed until the visualization finally appears and the user can start working with it.

Especially when there are large amounts of data to be loaded/reloaded, this can take some time during which the users do not know what is happening and are often unsure whether the application is still working. 
To give the users more feedback as to what is happening during the loading process, we have implemented an info window that:

  • gives feedback that something is happening at all (meaning the extension has not crashed) 

  • informs about the amount of data getting loaded, thus explaining why the process might take so long 

  • informs about how long this process might take and how long the users might need to wait

  • also helps our support team during customer trainings or support cases to get a better understanding of the customers' environment. 

VAPS - info window load/reload

The info window also shows up when you create, delete, copy, publish, and close (with saving) a simulation.

VAPS info window delete simulation