Look and feel of the visual schedule

Info symbol indicates additional information on the routing line

The VAPS visually points to additional information from BC

In Business Central, users can add additional information to a production order routing line by creating comments, tool information, personnel information, and quality measure information that are used, e.g., for describing certain specialties that need to be followed during the production process. As this is, of course, valuable information, the VAPS helps the planner to quickly recognize whether a production order line has such additional information so that the special requirements are not overlooked.

VAPS - comment symbol on operation

To activate this feature, tick the according option in the "General" settings of the VAPS setup dialog:

VAPS show info symbol

Shortcut to creating additional information

As of release 1.16 of the VAPS, you can directly create and edit this information by clicking the according item in the context menu.