Look and feel of the visual schedule

Three different views

There are three different views in the VAPS: the Capacity View, the (read-only) Production Order View and the (read-only) Sales Order View

You can switch between the views by the corresponding contextmenu items:


The Capacity View

The capacity view shows capacity loads of work centers and machine centers, grouped by work center groups:

The Production Order View (read only)

The Production Order View shows production orders categorized by their status.

Production Order View in the VAPS

The categories are indicated by different colors:

Order categories in the VAPS

Production orders, their production order lines and production order routing lines are sorted in ascending numerical order. Within each production order, the relating production order lines with their production order routing lines are listed.

The Sales Order View (read only)

The Sales Order View shows those sales orders that have production orders against it and when those production order (lines) are scheduled. A visual alert is given if the production order's finish date is past the sales order's requested delivery date.

Sales Order View of Visual Advanced Production Scheduler