Finite Capacity Scheduling Instruments

Resolve conflicts due to overloads or link constraints 

The function "Recalculate current schedule" cleans up your schedule

It goes without saying that planners want - and need - to work with a schedule free from obvious conflicts such as sequence conflicts and overloads. On the other hand, due to the complex structure of Business Central data, production simulations, and updating the simulations with changed Business Central data, these conflicts cannot be fully avoided.

We solved this problem with the function "Recalculate current schedule": 

VAPS - recalculate current schedule

This function ensures that

  • the schedule will be literally "cleaned up" so that there will be no more sequence conflicts and overloads 

  • no operation will be pushed to the left - the earliest start date for each operation is the start date as of the current simulation

It can be very helpful after

  • updating the schedule with shopfloor data

  • changing the work/machine center capacity settings