Finite Capacity Scheduling Instruments

Schedule production orders from standby in one go by the "Add all" function

With the function "Add all" you can schedule a bunch of production orders in one go, taking into account alternate machine centers, if desired.

Production orders that are not yet scheduled in the VAPS, are shown on the respective standby resource -  a collection, so to say, of production orders that need to be added from the scheduler to the schedule. So far, each production order was treated individually which meant that also if there were several production orders to be added, you nevertheless had to add them one after the other, which, in case of a lot of production orders could really take some time. With the function "Add all" you can now add them to the schedule all at once.

Of course, this doesn't happen at random, but follows strict prioritization rules.

How it works

  • Based on the assumption that late production orders are to be avoided, the VAPS automatically creates a prioritized list of the production orders that are on standby, proceeding as follows:
    • calculating a buffer time per production order, following the formula:
      buffer time = [required due date] - [end date of last operation as per BC]
    • starting with released production orders, then firm planned, then planned
    • within each category, assigning the highest priority to production orders with the lowest buffer, the next highest to those with the next lower buffer, etc.
  • The orders are added  to the schedule according to their priority
  • The following settings can be made in the VAPS setup:
    • define the "schedule start" date
    • decide whether you want to take into account EMAD
    • specify the number of iterations
  • When you start the scheduling process under "Actions -> Schedule", click the according option to determine whether you want to take into account alternate machine centers or not.