Finite Capacity Scheduling Instruments

Move operations to standby in one go

The VAPS allows moving operations back to standby in one go

  • Unhandled future operations, i.e. operations that are to start after the scheduling start date. In case users have "played around"  a lot and then they may realize that they are no longer 100% satisfied with the plan, this feature helps them to quickly replan starting from a certain date by moving the operations to standby and then applying the "add all" function.
  • Unhandled past operations, i.e. operations the routing status of which is not “in progress” or “finished”, meaning operations that should have started before the current work date but haven't. Up to now, if these operations were to be replanned, they had to be moved one by one to standby and then be added to the plan by "add all". If you had a lot of operations, this could have been very tedious.