Finite Capacity Scheduling Instruments

Apply standard routing

This instrument is meant to help you efficiently bring production orders from the standby resource to a dedicated machine center

The function "Apply Standard Routing" can be found in the bar's context menu:

By ticking this item you add the operations of a production order to the schedule starting from at least at the current work date, or later, if requested by a linked predecessor without changing the schedule and using the standard machines from the standard Business Central routing.


The underyling principles of "Apply Standard Routing"

  • Changes the assigned machine center of the triggering operation and all successors (move
    from standby to a concrete machine center).
  • Changes the timing (start date; hence: end date) of all successors.
  • Adds this production order to the schedule with the lowest priority.
  • Will not change the sequence on any machine.
  • Will not violate the routing structure.