Visual Scheduling Tips & Tricks

How can I define the tooltip?

Learn how you can configure the info window that pops up when you hover with the mouse over an operation in the planning board.

The info window that pops up when you hover with the mouse over an operation in the planning board is called tooltip. Once defined, a tooltip looks as follows:


There is just one tooltip that you can define. This tooltip then appears on every bar (production order routing line/operation) in the planning board. There is no option to define tooltips for other elements such as work/machine centers.

This tooltip can get configured individually by each user working with the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler. You can use as many fields as you like to show up in the tooltip. These fields can come from the following tables:

  • 27 Item
  • 5405 Production Order
  • 5409 Prod. Order Routing Line
  • 5722 Item Category 
  • 99000754 Work Center
  • 99000758 Machine Center 

You can define the tooltip on the "tooltip" page, which you can access from the NETRONIC VAPS menu, or by simply searching for "tooltip". The tooltip setup page looks as follows:

Once defined a tooltip shows the selected information in the sequence of order in which the respective tables are referenced on the above page.

In order to change the tooltip and e.g. add more fields from the production order table (5405) to the tooltip, you need to open a new dialog from the above page. This is done by clicking the three dots or the link "some fields" in the above-shown table. This brings you to another dialog which looks like follows:

Here, you can add more fields by clicking on an empty line and selecting a new field from the dropdown list. 

You can delete a line by clicking on the three dots (between field no. and field name) and then click "delete line":